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Bass Fretboard Truth

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12 Tone Music Publishing announces the release of Bass Fretboard Truth, a new publication from GRAMMY-Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly.

Unlike traditional bass instructional books, Bass Fretboard Truth is designed to provide today’s musician playing bass with unique and insightful views not available anywhere else!

“I’ve had a lot of requests for a new publication,” says Mike Overly, author of Bass Fretboard Truth and owner of 12 Tone Music Publishing LLC, “so I collected daily interactions with my in-person and on-line students to give you the best possible presentation of my current thinking. Bass Fretboard Truth provides a perfect fit for my unique blend of students.”

Bass Fretboard Truth features a collection of 50 timeless lessons that will truly revolutionize your bass learning experience by illustrating and connecting specific thoughts and ideas that are presented in Bass EncycloMedia.

Each lesson builds upon the last in a progressive order, so that by the time you reach the end of this book, you will have a much better understanding of music and bass that will last you a lifetime.

Here is a list of the 50 lessons found in Bass Fretboard Truth:

Chapter 1. Learning: What Type of Student Are You, Top 10 Behaviors of Successful Musicians, Teach a Child (or Yourself) Bass at Home.

Chapter 2. Tone Note Music Method: Introduction to the Tone Note Music Method for Bass, Do Re Mi is 1 2 3.
Chapter 3. Music Theory: Sign Before Symbol, Learn 21 Letters in a Flash, Letter of Tone 1 = Key and Tonal Center, Key Signature is the Nature of the Sign.
Chapter 4. Bass Theory: Extended Position, Holistic Humpty, Holistic = Forms that Overlap.        

Chapter 5. Technique: What’s Your Point, STRing + drUM = STRUM, Turn and Flip to a Player’s Point-of-View, Strum Toward a Different String, A Smooth Rhythm to Strum, Shredding the Natural Way.    
Chapter 6. Harmony: Harmony Numerics ~ One, 1, I, Harmony Symbolism, Zero Inversion Hit Songs, First Inversion Hit Songs, Second Inversion Hit Songs, Slash Chord Fragments and Progressions, Cadence: Perfect, Imperfect, Plagal and Deceptive, Perfect Fifth Rock Harmony, Arpeggio and Arpeggiate, I Shot the Serif, Minor Six Flat Five, Major 12 Bar Turnarounds, Minor 12 Bar Progressions.

Chapter 7. Rhythm: The Curved Line Sign, Harmony Rhythm’s Fatal Flaw, Sheet Music ~ Real and Fake, Popular Song Form, How To Make a Short Song Long ~ Part 1, How To Make a Short Song Long ~ Part 2, How To Make a Short Song Long ~ Part 3, Bowling for Rhythm, Tone Rows ~ Synchronize and Syncopate.            

Chapter 8. Scale and Mode Spellings: Chord, Scale and Mode Relations, Minor Modes of Major Significance, Melodic Minor Cross Correlations.
Chapter 9. F. Y. I.: 4000 Year Old Bass, Look It Up, A Short List of Notable Bassists, Interstellar Music, The Effects Affect, Modulation of Time and Frequency, String Theory, Bass Amps Are Not an Afterthought.

All 12 Tone Music Publishing learning materials, including Bass EncycloMedia, Bass Fretboard Facts and Bass Fretboard Flashcards, are now available with more titles being developed for future release.

Stay Tuned!

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